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Did you know you can use our shipping packages as compost in your garden? Check it out!


When you know better...

This year 5 trillion plastic bags will be produced. Less than 1% of those plastic bags will be recycled.


327 billion of those bags will end up in the ocean harming birds, sea turtles, etc.


In the forest, they release harmful chemicals like BPA and PS oligomer into the soil. These chemicals can harm plant growth and disrupt the hormone systems of animals.

And for us humans, plastic bags contain chemicals that are associated with negative health effects including cancers, birth defects, and immune system suppression.

You do better...

Since 2008, Do Better Bags has kept over one-hundred-thousand plastic bags out of our oceans and landfills.

Join us in "doing better" by using our DuraMesh shopping bags, becoming a Do Better Ambassador, and sharing our mission.




Our DuraMesh bags are Hand Made in the USA and the most durable reusable bags ever made. We're so confident in the durability of our shopping bags, that we off a 25 Year Replacement Warranty!

sewing machine_clipped_rev_1.png

One-piece DuraMesh, Dual-Seam design holds over 50 lbs.


Bags can be washed hundreds of times without losing strength or shape.

No questions asked, 25 Year Replacement Guarantee.

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